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Open Toes DVD

Dir. Laura Jean Bransky
Prod. Sarah Dietrich

In a world where discrimination exists in the form of a bitter rivalry between two sandal-wearing factions, two young lovers attempt to make peace. Unfortunately, the leaders of each faction aren't exactly eager to exterminate years of contempt and hatred to allow this doomed love story to occur. Based on West Side Story, which in turn was based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The Open Toes 2-Disc Special Edition DVD set is now available, featuring deleted scenes, outtakes, the official trailer, and the behind-the-scenes documentary "Behind the Sandals." Get it now!



Dir./Prod. Pablo Giustorobelo

The Miracle Worker is a play by William Gibson based upon Helen Keller's autobiography, The Story of My Life. It tells the story of the relationship between the deaf and blind Keller and Annie Sullivan, the teacher who brought the almost-feral girl into the world of education. Famed American humorist and author Mark Twain who was an admirer of both, had many years earlier dubbed Sullivan a "Miracle Worker," providing the inspiration for naming Gibson's work. The DVD of the Fairmont production of this is now available.


Dir. Nick Ochoa
Prod. Jonathan Glassman
It is two years after the death of the Pimpmaster, and peace has taken over Orange County. Unfortunately, Jonathan Glassman has discovered a new threat: a Vincent clone with powers and capabilities far beyond the original Pimpmaster. Join Nick and Jon as they team up to destroy Vincent once and for all. The DVD for Nick Ochoa's first feature film is now available, and comes with trailers, cast bios, outtakes, deleted scenes, test footage, and the original Pimpmaster and Commander short!

(complete set not yet for sale, individual discs available only)

Dir. Pim Kyne and Sanam Skelly-Meadows
not yet available, ETA unknown.


Dir./Prod. Jonathan Glassman and Nick Ochoa
The legendary sketch show that started it all is back in this new special edition! Complete with footage from two nights of the original run of the show and all of the pre-taped commercials, newly re-mastered and re-edited. Also included is commentary by the directors and footage from the dress rehearsal of the show, as well as interviews with some of the original actors conducted two years later. Re-live the magic of the stage directorial debut of Nick Ochoa and Jonathan Glassman buy picking up this exciting DVD!
not yet available, scheduled to be released by January 2007.

DISC 3 - RUMORS (2005)

Dir./Prod. Justin Huang and Leslie Viano
In keeping with tradition, NEOFilm presents the 3rd annual student production from Fairmont. Rumors is a satirical and ironic play from the mind of Neil Simon. When a high ranking political hopeful attempts suicide in the bathroom minutes before his anniversary party, it's up to his friends to cover up the truth. How long can they hold out, however, when other guests start asking questions and spreading rumors? The DVD also features rehearsal footage and a behind-the-scenes look at the technical experience during the show!


Dir./Prod. Christine Antonios and Amy Higgins
The fourth annual Fairmont senior play is a splendid rendition of Brandon Thomas' Charley's Aunt. Join the unfortunate Lord Fancourt Babberly on this romp through turn-of-the-century England and all of its fun customs and the like. Or just see Jonathan Viano in drag. Comes with cast-bios and trailers and stuff.


Dir. Nick Ochoa
If anybody wants this, here it is. It's basically a DVD of the video I shot whilst in France. Nifty, eh?

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