In June of 2003, two students embarked on an epic journey that would change the world as they knew it. In July of that same year, those same two students sat down and drafted a plan that pushed the limits of what could and could not be done on a private school stage. In November, senior Nick Ochoa finally began work on the script, drafting one sketch for the groundbreaking show. This sketch was, of course, ultimately cut from the show. However, in late January of 2004, the script was completed and presented for final approval. Nick and fellow senior Jonathan Glassman, however, had already begun promotion. The stage was set. On March 4, 2004, society was changed, forever.

Sketches in "C" Major (or How To Commit Career Suicide in 10 Easy Sketches) began as a show that didn't even have a proper title on its first teaser poster, and has since grown to become a legacy of sketch comedy among Fairmont students. The show consisted of ten sketches, most of which were written by The Sketches Team headed by Nick Ochoa and Jonathan Glassman, along with several taped interludes and commercials.

The original DVD, the first for NEOFilm, has been out of print since 2005, however a new Special Edition has been set for release since, well, 2005. Production of the Special Edition ran into complications when the original master tapes of the show could not be located. Fortunately, show supervisor Pablo Giustorobelo had a backup VHS of opening night, and the production continued.

Originally slated for a summer 2005 release, the DVD was pushed back until a year later when Nick acquired the VHS. Following the completion of Vincent Lin Must Die!, Nick set to work doing what he could with the dated footage. Finally, as of mid-February 2007, the DVD will finally be released by March. The only thing preventing its release are the schedules of its two directors, who are both in college, who need to record director's commentary.

The original lineup of the show is as follows. Pre-taped segments are in GREEN. Note that sketches or commercials with an asterisk did not actually run.

1. The Glassman Dynasty* / Bush Press Conference
2. Opening /
Theater Etiquette
3. The Soap Opera
4. Grandpa's War Stories
Oxy Balance
6. Lord of the Rings Cult
8. Celebrity Jeopardy
9. Save the Penguins
10. Weekend Update /
Weather Report
11. Who's The Biggest Ditz?
12. Car Insurance
13. Neo's Decision*
The Real World: Orange County [View]
15. SNL Bad Doctor Sketch
16. Sketch Comedy Gone Wrong
Pimpmaster and Commander*

The two live segments that were cut were done so because Jon didn't like them. Pimpmaster was not run because it was not finished by the show date, and while Insta-Puberty was complete, Jay Arroyo wished that it would not be run during the show. Both are available on both versions of the DVD release.

The Special Edition, aside from featuring footage from both opening and closing night performances, also features interviews done with cast and students from late 2005/early 2006. Each of the filmed segments have been re-edited from their original masters.

Starring: Tiffany Cruz, Britney Frankston, Jonathan Glassman, Jason Higa, Vincent Lin, Nick Ochoa, Robin Parker, Michael Pierce, Valerie Quant, Andrew Reovan, David Tamayo, and Stephen Whitlock.

Featuring: T.J. Choi, Matthew Glassman, Sara Gershfeld, Billy Seol, Grace Seol, Leslie Viano, and the voice of Akash Trivedi.

Special Appearances by: Jay Arroyo and Kyle Simmons.

Producers and Directors: Jonathan Glassman and Nick Ochoa
Head Writer: Nick Ochoa
Original Run: March 4-6, 2004
First Edition DVD Released: June 2004
Special Edition DVD Released: March 2007
Running Time: about 2 hours
Aspect Ratio: 4x3 Fullscreen
Format: MiniDV

Teaser Poster:

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