In a world where discrimination exists in the form of a bitter rivalry between two sandal-wearing factions, two young lovers attempt to make peace. Unfortunately, the leaders of each faction aren't exactly eager to exterminate years of contempt and hatred to allow this doomed love story to occur. Based on West Side Story, which in turn was based on Romeo and Juliet, which in turn was based on Kevin Bacon.

Open Toes was produced at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The idea was pitched by producer Sarah Dietrich and writer Nick Ochoa in September 2006 and was chosen along with three other films to be a part of the Film Studies program's annual student film production class. The film is set at UCSB and includes several dramatically scored musical sequences and performances by some of the best actors at the university. It's also a comedy, unlike the story it's based on, so that makes it better. Also, it's in High Defintion, which is in right now.

The film had it's world premiere on March 23, 2007 at Isla Vista Theater in Santa Barbara, and won the Golden Elmo Award after the screening. It re-screened on May 17. The Special Edition DVD is available here.

Starring: Brennan Kelleher, Natalie Mitchell, Jonathan Mychael Hart, Tracy Woodward, Grant Gerard, Natasha Lloyd, Eric Hedlund, and most of the crew (spot them all!).

Producer: Sarah Dietrich
Director: Laura Jean Bransky
Writer: Nick Ochoa
Production Manager: Krystee Morgan

Released: March 2007
Running Time: 26 Mins
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen
Format: Digital High-Definition

Note: Open Toes is a production of Dietrich Productions. The DVD will be released through NEOFilmDVD Distribution.

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