[02.17.07] - The Open Toes website is up, albeit not very detailed. Also some minor changes have been added to the Projects page. Yes, Sketches is coming out soon.

[11.23.06] - The Vincent Lin Must Die! website is now up, as are the About and Contact pages and the Store. I'm getting to work on the Downloads and other Projects now. Speaking of VLMD!, the DVD is out and available in the new Store.

[10.07.06] - Welcome to the new version of the NEOFilm Website! The site is currently undergoing a major rennovation, so for the time being some of the links may not work or will simply redirect to the old version's pages. None of the projects have their own pages yet, but I'll be working on that as a priority. In fact, that level of priority at this moment will be project pages, downloads, store, then everything else.

There have been a lot of exciting things going on since the last time I updated the main page, which was a damn long time ago. The DVDs for Vincent Lin Must Die! and Sketches in "C" Major Special Edition are nearing completion and simply require me to do commentary. I'm also trying to figure out how to do subtitles in Encore. The old Projects page says that both will be done in Fall 2006, and I'll stick to my word on that. As for my short The Meeting, I'm putting that (as well as the NEOShorts Project) on hold for awhile because I'm working on something new and exciting.

I've been "hired" as the writer for the UCSB Film 106 Project OPEN TOES, so I'll be working extensively on that for the next few months. I'm really excited about this opportunity because it's like... A REAL film, not just something I'm doing on my own like everything else. There's be more information on it once I get around to doing the projects pages.

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