NEOFilm Productions is an outlet for the talents of writer/director/editor Nick Ochoa. With the creation of this site, Nick hopes to make himself known to whoever happens to stumble across this website. Nick has edited together several different pieces, most of them being performances at his old high school. He has since moved on to creating his own projects at the college level. Nick is currently a 3rd year Film and Media Studies major at UCSB and plans, as most film majors do, to work in the entertainment industry.

The label "NEOFilm" was originally intended as a mockery of another popular director's corporation, however since has taken on its own meaning. Currently, NEOFilm Productions consists of one man and his crews that vary by location and time. The NEOFilmLAB consists of a DELL Pentium 4 4500 Dimension desktop with a few modest upgrades, along with its various peripherals and attachments. NEOFilmLAB uses Adobe Premiere Pro 2 to create its projects, however older projects have been done in Pinnacle Studio 9. The recording device for the LAB is a Panasonic PV-GS250 digital camcorder.

Current updates and news can be found under the "News" tab above. For a listing of the current projects being developed by NEOFilm Productions, click on the "Projects" tab. To buy any of our fine products, click on the "Store" tab. Downloads are located in the "Downloads" section. For contact information, click the "Contact" link.

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