6.03 – “Football Football”

This episode originally aired in November, 2011. It marks the midseason break for season 6.


Intro – written and directed by Arthur Garcia / story by Arthur Garcia, Jason Perdue, and Trenton Williams / edited by Nick Ochoa

A shocking event leads TJ on a quest to find answers and assume a new identity.

  • This segment ended up being more complex than originally planned, clocking in at over 9 minutes long. It was therefore cut in half and aired in two parts.
  • The genesis of this idea came when TJ purchased a Night Owl costume (from the movie and graphic novel Watchmen) for use in a skit.
  • Several of the opening scenes were shot during Spirit Week.
  • The story parallels and makes reference to recent Batman movies.
  • The song played during the “donning the suit” sequence is “Mars, The Bringer Of War” by Gustav Holst. The scene itself mirrors elements of this comedic scene from The Venture Bros.
  • The sequence where T-Bag calls Hatter back to push him away was improvised, since Jason decided his character should be stuck in the chair during filming.
  • T-Bag’s “hands” come from the squirrel costume that was later used in Squirrel Cop.
  • The second half of the short, which depicts the battle between T-Bag and The Dark Owl, was originally completely improvised. The scene was re-written and re-shot when it was clear that it became exceedingly confusing.
  • An uncut version of the short exists, featuring a few more minutes of footage: Jason’s death scene has more dialogue, Arthur introduces TJ to “The Owl’s Nest”, The Dark Owl tries to scale a wall and realizes he’s scared of heights, slightly longer dialogue between T-Bag and The Dark Owl, and a different take of the final scene where Arthur criticizes TJ’s logic in fighting T-Bag.
Husky Hindsight – written by Jonathan Choi
  • This is the first Husky Hindsight of season 6 to be filmed in HD.
  • Julia Stiegler makes an appearance as the female anchor. Julia was in the class for one day before her schedule was changed, so Ochoa decided to bring her back to be an anchor.
  • The Halloween Haunt interview features season 4 student Kelly Tran and longtime contributor Nikhil Narang.
  • The music in this segment is “Intro” by The XX.
Husky Sports – written by Trenton Williams / edited by Jason Perdue
  • This was once again filmed the night before this episode aired.
  • The episode title comes from TJ’s insistence to add the word “football” in front of every other sport, including football itself.
Husky Focus – written, directed, and edited by Keith Shaller

Keith reports on the upcoming Fairmont play, “The Odd Couple.”

  • This is Keith’s first non-Top Dawg segment.
  • The music in this segment is the Theme From The Odd Couple TV Show.
Meet The Faculty – written, directed, and edited by Negin Taleb

Negin interviews Ms. Dana Vasquez about the transition to becoming a Fairmont teacher.

  • Ms. Vasquez contributed many ideas for this skit.
  • One of the original ideas was to prominently feature her rolling cart as if it were on a “Pimp My Ride” reality show.
  • Mrs. Kimberly Gerwatosky, Ms. Carolyn Lucia, and Dr. Matthew Brandstetter make cameo appearances.
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