6.02 – “Baby Squirrels”

This episode originally aired in October, 2011.


Intro – written and directed by Nick Ochoa / story by Nick Ochoa and Jason Perdue / edited by Nick Ochoa

Mr. Ochoa encounters some weird situations when he arrives at school.

  • This sketch is based on a real, recurring dream that Ochoa has that involves still being a student at Fairmont.
  • The ticking clock and alarm tone are references to the movie Groundhog Day.
  • The encounters between Ochoa and the students in the parking lot were improvised by the students.
  • Many teachers appear in the classroom part of the dream as students, including Ms. Patricia Aguilar, Ms. Carissa Montenegro, Mrs. Sandy Rabyy, Ms.Dana Vasquez, Ms. Sabba Quidwai, Mrs. Kimberly Gerwatosky, Mr. June Yoon, Ms. Stacey Barta, Mrs. Lily Lin, Ms. Holly Wilson, Mrs. Deborah Terra, and Ms. Rebecca Terra.
  • The teacher-as-students scene was filmed during the lunch break on a teacher-in-service day, which explains the food.
  • Most of the dialogue in the skit is improvised.
Husky Hindsight – written by Negin Taleb and Nicolas Callas
  • Nico was originally supposed to be the male anchor, however Keith took his place as Nico was busy filming for the Paws For A Cause segment.
  • The music in this segment is the theme from the movie Psycho.
Husky Sports – written by Trenton Williams
  • This segment as it appears was originally going to be a “Behind The Scenes” video, but due to time constraints it became the actual sports segment.
Freshman ASB Announcement – written by Freshman ASB / edited by Jason Perdue
  • This is the first of 4 commercials created by the ASB to promote the upcoming Spirit Week.
Meet The Faculty – written, directed, and edited by Jonathan Choi

Jonny talks Spanish with Mrs. Hanneman.

  • Jonny requested to do two “Meet The Faculty” segments in a row, so he was assigned Episode 2’s as well.
  • The music in this segment is “Strange In The Wind” by Cut Copy.
Red Ribbon Week Commercial – written and edited by Nassim Kavezade
  • This is the first contribution to season 6 from veteran Nassim Kavezade, although she does not appear. Nassim joined the class shortly after the previous episode aired.
  • The commercial references the famous anti-drug campaign from the 1990s.
Paws For A Cause – written by Justin Truong / directed by Nicolas Callas / edited by Justin Truong and Nicolas Callas
  • The music in this segment is “Battle Without Honor or Humility” by Tomoyasu Hotei, from the Kill Bill soundtrack.
Sophomore ASB Announcement – written by Sophomore ASB
  • Filming this is one shot took over ten different takes.
Husky Focus – written and directed by Jason Perdue, Trenton Williams, and Kevin Dehbozorgi

The students assault Mr. Wheeler with a serious proposition.

  • The orignal target for this Focus was to be Paul the security guard, but he declined.
  • Allegedly, the entire encounter was not only improvised, but the students did not tell Mr. Wheeler what they were going to do before they started filming.
  • The “box of baby squirrels” gives this episode its title. It will go one to appear in two later episodes as well.
  • This is the first skit to refer to squirrels, which is somewhat of a running gag throughout this season.
Halloween Haunt Commercial – written, directed, and edited by Nassim Kavezade
  • Nassim and Tianyi went on location to a local pumpkin patch to film this ad.
Junior ASB Announcement – written by Junior ASB
  • This ad features several of Fairmont’s athletes.
Alum Update – written by Arthur Garcia / edited by Nassim Kavezade

Ashlyn Frankston Nath, c/o 2002, is featured in this installment.

  • Arthur was absent for the week leading up to the premier of the episode, so Nassim completed the segment for him.
Husky Performance – Cinder Fang
  • Cinder would go on to perform this violin piece at the winter concert.
Pound Pride – written by Tianyi Zhang and Kaylea Ho / edited by Kaylea Ho
  • This is Kaylea’s first official contribution to this season, although she helped film segments for episode 1.
  • Keith’s voice was dubbed by Nico in editing.
  • several students from 7th period P.E. appear in the segment. This is the first of many times P.E. students are used as extras.
Top Dawg News – written and edited by Keith Shaller
  • Keith filmed this edition on location at his home.
  • This is the only edition of Top Dawg news in season 6 to not reference the season-long conflict between Keith and Ochoa.

The Husky Vision students stage a raffle for various prizes.

  • Originally the students were going to do the actual raffle on camera, but it was decided to fake a “rig” of the results and do the segment live.
  • During the live broadcast, the group ran into the gym at the same time as they did on camera in order to do the raffle.
  • Keith randomly being chosen for Headmaster Of The Day becomes a major plot point later in the season.

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