6.01 – “Meet The New Boss”

This episode originally aired in September, 2011. It is the first episode created under new producer Nick Ochoa.


Intro – written by Nick Ochoa and Pablo Giustorobelo / directed by Nick Ochoa / edited by Nick Ochoa

Mr. Giustorobelo makes a sacrifice to save the future of the show, while the new class must learn how to adjust to a new instructor.

  • First appearance of Tianyi, Nico, Jonny, Kevin, and Negin.
  • Justin Truong does not appear.
  • Genesis Lovo, Kaylea Ho, JT Barta, Hunter Marston, and Daniel Winget appear as extras. Genesis, Kaylea, and JT appeared regularly in season 5. Kaylea would join the official cast in the following episode.
  • Kaylea, Nassim, Rose, and Jana were not in the class yet at the time this episode was aired.
  • Mr. Ochoa wrote this skit as a way to bridge between the old show and the new one.
  • The idea for this skit is a parody of the movie Speed.
  • While it was not planned at the time, the brief conflict between Keith and Ochoa forms the basis of their season-long plot line.
  • The names of several season 5 students appear on Sr. G’s computer screen.
  • The explosion footage comes from the movies Hollow Man, Bad Boys 2, and Transformers 2
Husky Hindsight – written by Trenton Williams and Tianyi Zhang
  • The music during this segment (and the title screen) is “Running Away” by Friendly Fires.
Husky Sports – written by Trenton Williams
  • TJ impersonates football broadcaster John Madden.
Husky Focus – written and directed by Arthur Garcia and Justin Truong / edited by Arthur Garcia

The students interview Ms. Holly Wilson about the new Fairmont after school program.

  • Season 5 student Bryan Goonetileke appears as a film student.
  • The music in this segment is “Houdini” by Foster The People.
Meet The Faculty – written and edited by Jonathan Choi

Jonny interviews Ms. Carolyn Lucia, Dean of Advanced Placement Studies.

  •  The music in this segment is “Young Blood” by The Naked And Famous.
Music Popcorn Commercial – written by Jason Perdue
  • This commercial was filmed the day before the premier of the episode.
  • The idea for this commercial spawned from a discussion between Jason and Mr. Ochoa about the need for a commercial to pad time between segments.
  • Mr. Ochoa rejected several other “less-tame” ideas involving Jason and the popcorn bag.
  • The reaction of the students is genuine, as they were not informed as to what exactly Jason would be doing.
  • Jason slightly injured his hand during filming.
  • The music in this segment is one of the “buy” themes from the game The Sims.
Alum Update – written and edited by Negin Taleb

Negin catches up with c/o 2008 graduate Kavin Benedicto.

  • The music in this segment is “Yellow” by Coldplay.
Pound Pride – written, directed, and edited by Nicolas Callas

Nico discusses the qualities of a great – and not so great – Fairmont teacher.

  • Mr. June Yoon appears as both teachers.
  • The music in this segment is “Sail” by AWOLNATION.
Paws For A Cause – written and directed by Jason Perdue / edited by Kevin Dehbozorgi

The crew goes to Disneyland to discuss the latest in community service.

  • This is the second time that Paws For A Cause was shot on location in Disneyland.
  • The script was mostly improvised by Jason and Kevin.
  • Ms. Anna Kunkle appears in this segment and provided the pink sashes that Jason and Kevin wear.
  • While waiting for the Mad Hatter’s Teacups ride to begin, Jason and Kevin were attacked by a bee, which Jason smashed with his shoe.
Top Dawg News – writted and edited by Keith Shaller
  • This segment explains what happened to Keith following the episode’s intro.
  • This is Keith’s third year as Top Dawg.
Epilogue – writted, directed, and edited by Nick Ochoa
  • First appearance of Justin.
  • This segment was written last minute as a way to close out the episode.
  • The idea for this skit comes from the end of the movie The Breakfast Club.
  • Each student came up with their own ideas regarding their future situation.
  • The music in this segment is, appropriately, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds.

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