Season 6: 2011-2012

The Season 6 crew: from top left – Negin Taleb, Tianyi Zhang, Rose So, Nassim Kavezade, Jana Bolten, Kaylea Ho, Trenton Williams, Jason Perdue. Second row, from left – Keith Shaller, Arthur Garcia, Nicolas Callas, Jonathan Choi, Kevin Dehbozorgi, Justin Truong.

The 2011-2012 school year marked the 6th season of Husky Vision and the first to be produced by Mr. Nick Ochoa after 5 strong years under Mr. Pablo Giustorobelo. The sixth season saw the creativity of several students make a lasting mark on the program, as each episode pushed more and more boundaries and tested the limits of what the students could do. The second half of the season was marked by a continuing narrative involving a battle between 3-year veteran Keith Shaller and the 1st-year teacher Mr. Ochoa, culminating with an epic special edition episode in May.

Episode 6.01 –
“Meet The New Boss”
Episode 6.02 –
“Baby Squirrels”

Episode 6.03 – “Football Football”
Episode 6.04 – “Return of the Keith”
Episode 6.05 – “Knights of the Tablet”
Episode 6.06 – “The Beginning of the End”
Episode 6.07 – “The End of the End”

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