From Tom Cruise’s Blog

The following is from Tom Cruise’s blog:

Hello out there to all of my friends both within and outside of the Church of Scientology!

Well, it’s been a hectic few days since Kate came back from the hospital with Suri. Suri sure is a happy, bouncing baby girl! It’ll be great when we take her to have her Thetan level measured once she’s old enough to comprehend that she has an alien soul inside of her. Ha ha, I bet she’s at least a level three! In any case, her and Kate are doing great. Kate makes me so proud…she didn’t make a peep during the entire birth process. I was right there next to her, chanting into her ear, “You can do it! You can have this baby,” and she just smiled at me. I am so in love with that woman! I swear I feel like a kid every time I’m around her. Well, except when we make love…then I feel like how Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty must feel like whenever he makes love. Oh Hubbard, would I love to truly experience that. But seriously, Nicole’s got nothing on Kate. Expect maybe her nose.

My new movie is coming out soon, and I’m really excited! I must say it is an honor to be working with Philip Seymour Hoffman. His performance in Capote really blew me away. I have so much respect for gay authors, I really believe that they can do great things! If you haven’t read In Cold Blood, I strongly encourage everyone out there who wants to be cool to go and read it right away! I’m going to start reading it to Suri every night. Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot of press for Mission Impossible 3 and I must say, all the hype you might be hearing is dead on. This movie is definitely the best movie coming out since War of the Worlds. I know I said Capote was good, but, let’s face it people, it didn’t touch War of the Worldsat the box office. So with that said, I just can’t wait for this movie to come out. It’s going to be that awesome!

Well, those idiots over at South Park did it again. I just can’t understand why they have to continuously degrade me and my friends. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, recently made fun of my good friend Oprah. Now I just want to say right here and right now that I know for a fact that Oprah’s vagina and and asshole cannot talk! I am sick and tired of Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone portraying such blatant lies as fact! They continue to misrepresent people and truth, and during a time of war such actions should not be tolerated! I’m sure you will all be happy to know that tomorrow I’m going to call Comedy Central and have that episode never shown again. Hubbard help them if that episode ever broadcasts while Suri is watching! That’s my little girl. So listen, Comedy Central. Help me, help you. Pull the episode before I have to make things freaking ugly for you.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I’ll write again later. To all my loyal followers, goodnight, and good luck! I’m not exactly sure who said that, but I’ve been hearing it being said a lot recently, and so I want to be cool too!


(yeah so this isn’t really froom Tom Cruise’s blog, if you didn’t figure it out. -Nick)